You have been approached by one of our scouts because he or she spotted that you have a very interesting look and a great potential for a possible modeling career. On this page, you can read a few words about what it implies to have been scouted by Le Management.


We only approach girls and boys who we think have a completely unique look and a wonderful charisma. Once you have been approached by a scout, we have probably received you or your parents‘ telephone number, and you will soon receive a text from us to submit photos or arrange a meeting at the office with us. If you do not receive a message within a week, please feel free to contact us yourself. Sometimes, we may get the phone number wrong by mistake, and we will end up trying to contact you without any luck.

If we ask you to submit pictures, we do not need professional pictures, they must not be edited, and you should not wear any makeup. We truly want to see the real you, exactly as you are.

If we then arrange a meeting with you and possibly your parents, if you are under 18 years old, we look forward to welcoming you for a little chat, where you can meet us and hear a bit more about the industry and the job.

At the meeting, we will take a couple of pictures of you to be able to assess whether we have customers who will book you for jobs.


The demand in the industry is changeable, so whether we come to the conclusion that we can offer you a job or not, it does not change the fact that we have only invited you because we think you are wonderful – and you should take that as a huge compliment!

And if you come to the conclusion that the job does not sound like something for you, you can of course also easily say no. Regardless, we hope you feel like stopping by to meet us and hear a little more about having a career as a model. We promise that we always do our best to make it a really good experience.


Le Management is one of the biggest modeling agencies in Europe with offices in both Aarhus, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Hamburg. This implies that you as a model automatically will have a lot easier access to international markets.

But despite our size and customer base, we never compromise on our most important core values, which are the time and care for the individual model.

Our models are our friends and family, whom we sincerely care about – and it is important to us that our models are fully suited for the job and that we also have a strong and close cooperation with a model’s parents. That’s why you as a model are always welcome to have a chat and a cup of coffee in one of our offices with your booker – and our office dogs just love it when there are even more hands to pet them.



Being a model is a flexible job meaning that you can say yes or no to each job. This means that if, for example, we have a customer who would like to book you for a job, we will give you a call and explain who the job is for, how much the job will pay, and the time and date for the job.

If you do not have the opportunity to take the job, you simply say no thank you.

Several of our models are in high school and thus have classes and exams and the like while also being able to make ends meet without any trouble. In fact, the modeling job can be a really good student job.

In consultation with us and your parents, we always match expectations in relation to how much you can work, whether you have the time and desire to go abroad, etc.


Many modeling agencies make contracts with models that legally bind them for a half or a full year, or more, when and if one wants to resign or change agency.


At Le Management, we never legally bind our models, as we believe it is unethical. We always want to initiate a collaboration with the model, where the model has chosen us because of what we do, how we do it, and for our competencies and because it is the place you want to be – not because you at some point signed a contract.

As a model, it can be devastating to your career if you at some point, for various reasons, decide that you want to be represented elsewhere but are hampered by an unreasonable resignation period that only benefits the agency. If at some point you want to stop being a model at Le Management, we wish you all the best, hand out your material and cross our fingers that you may one day return because you miss us.


We often encounter a healthy skepticism from parents particularly in relation to our industry, as many know from the media, which sometimes raises sensitive issues. It is important for us to point out that the industry is far from the way the media can portray it in entertainment programs and reality shows, for example.

At Le Management, we are very aware that we are dealing with young people at a vulnerable age – and we make a great effort to support and guide our models in a way that will help them build and gain their self-esteem and self-confidence which also will give them strengths and competencies, which they also will be able to use in other aspects of life.


We offer workshops that provide insight and understanding of social media as well as workshops that are about body positivity and body awareness in general which not only help to prepare young models for the job, but also for a world full of demands that can be difficult to navigate in.

In addition, we are co-founders of an industry initiative called The Danish Fashion Ethical Charter, which among other things ensures a healthy diet at work and a requirement for health checks of models. The most important thing for us throughout is that you are happy to go to work and that the job has a generally positive impact on one’s person and development.

Read more about The Danish Fashion Ethical Charter on: www.danishfashionethicalcharter.com


One often associates a model with being young, slim, and tall. But at Le Management, we love all types and looks, and we, therefore, have several departments for both beautiful curved models, mature models, and so-called street cast models, which can be cool types that do not have the ‘classic’ model look and measurements but still have a completely unique radiance. We love diversity, and with us, protruding ears and freckles are the most wonderful thing we know. To us, beauty is so many things, and that is an important message we are proud to share.


We take your personal data seriously, including the information you may have provided to our scout. Read more about how we store and process your personal data at www.lemanagement.dk/privacy-notice